Blueprint to the Digital Economy: Creating Wealth in the Era of E-business
Blueprint to the Digital Economy: Creating Wealth in the Era of E-business
by Tapscott, Don, Lowy, Alex. Ticoll, David. Klym, Natalie.

New York McGraw-Hill Professional, 1998.

Information technology--Economic aspects.
Technologie de l'information--Aspect ́economi...
Telecommunication--Technological innovations.
Electronic commerce.--Commerce ́electronique.


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In addition to writing bestselling books (The Digital Economy, Growing Up Digital, and Paradigm Shift), Don Tapscott is chairman of the Alliance for Converging Technologies, an organization with a "focus on competitive advantage in the digital economy," whose members include companies such as the Bank of Montreal Canada, Federal Express, General Motors, and Xerox. For Blueprint to the Digital Economy, Tapscott puts on an editor's hat and, along with Alex Lowy and David Ticoll, presents a collection of 20 articles that speak to all aspects of doing business in the digital age. The articles, written by members of the alliance, cover a wide range of topics from business design at GM and the role of banking in the digital economy to creating communities in cyberspace and the role of government in the networked world. The real strength of books in this genre is not their writing and presentation, which tend to be uneven, but rather the breadth of experience and perspective they communicate. And experience and perspective is something that this book has in spades. If you're at all interested in how business today is positioning itself for tomorrow, then Blueprint to the Digital Economy is definitely worth a look.