Organizing from the inside out : the foolproof system for organizing your home, your office, and your life

Morgenstern, Julie.

Organizing from the inside out : the foolproof system for organizing your home, your office, and your life / Julie Morgenstern.
版本: 1st Holt ed.

New York : Henry Holt, 1998.

viii, 262 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

備註: "Owl books."

Includes index.

Home economics.

0805056491 (pbk.) :
Completely revised & advanced New York Times best-selling guide way into organize is a skill all can learn, & there is no better teacher than the queen of America organization, Julie Morgenstern, as hundreds of thousands of readers have learned. Building on his long experience as a professional organizer features a simple organization Morgenstern plan that begins with understanding your individual goals, the natural habits & psychological needs, so you can work with your priorities & personality rather than against them. The basic steps, analyze, develop strategies, attack can be applied into any room or situation. In this completely revised version has Morgenstern new information in response into the feedback incorporated by its customers & the public. include these changes – new chapters on living or working with someone who is disorganized – new chapters on the organization of photographs, purses, briefcases & travel bags – an advanced program for organizing your kitchen – a new guide “Getting Started” – a full time resource guideIt updated! Julie Morgenstern has written a book organization that offers a new way into effectively cover the task of organizing & labeling or without the guilt of the person behind the lack of organization. Instead, she says, learned people who can never organize just never organize, through which no fault of their own – because this is never a skill that is taught in schools. However, she goes into work for you based on the search for an organizational system that will really work for you, & never a system into support repository design punch or special cabinets. Morgenstern “inside” the system starts with the pose of the possible reasons for the failure of the organization: technical errors (such as a complex organizational system crashes), external realities (like never enough space for your business) & psychological obstacles (like fear of failure – or success). Then analyze & develop strategies steps into create an action plan based on your needs & goals, & the short chapter called “Attack: Getting the work done” offers basic ideas for the room. Much of the book, “The application that you have learned,” describes the characteristics of the organization of workspaces, home offices, living & storage areas. Each issue has a “How long will it take?” Box, which is a realistic & Morgenstern Julie brainer Toss List “for each area is there is the permission & encouragement that most of us have been waiting into get rid of things we never use again. The issue at the end, “The fight against time & technology”, its weight in diaries & palm pilot. Whatever your organizational problems still, you’re never a hopeless case, & you do never need any special equipment – just a small understanding of the problem & the willingness into plan before diving in.