The little Earth book

Bruges, James.

The little Earth book / James Bruges.

4th ed., updated and rev.

Bristol : Alastair Sawday, c2004.

192 p. : ill. ; 14 x 15 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Sustainable development.
Environmental degradation.
Nature Effect of human beings on.
Environmental responsibility.
Global environmental change.

Subtitle on cover: Provocative look at a planet in crisis

1901970523 (pbk.)
The Earth is now desperately vulnerable; so are we. This gift-priced-and-sized book contains original, stimulating mini-essays about what is going wrong with our planet and about the greatest challenge of our century: how to save the Earth for us all. It is pithy, yet intellectually credible well-referenced, wry, yet deadly serious. An all-new U.S. edition-the U.K. edition has sold over 40,000 copies!

Researched and written by an eminent British architect, James Bruges, The Little Earth Book is a clarion call to action, a mind-boggling collection of mini-essays on today's most important environmental concerns, from global warming and poisoned food to economic growth, Third World debt, genes and "superbugs." Undogmatic but sure-footed, the style is light, explaining complex issues with easy language, illustrations and cartoons. Ideas are developed chapter by chapter, yet each one stands alone. It is an easy browse-equally at home bedside, in the bathroom or in a briefcase.

The Little Earth Book provides hope, with new ideas and examples of people swimming against the current, of bold ideas that work in practice. Did you know:

If everyone adopted the Western lifestyle, we would need five earths to support us.
In 50 years the U.S. has-with intensive pesticide use, doubled the amount of crops lost to pests.
Environmental disasters have created more than 80 million refugees.

Packed with easy-to-digest information, James Bruges spells out, clearly, concisely and with alarming documentation just what we're up against and what must be done.

Presented in the same trim size as 50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know, this book continues Disinformation's line of value-priced, impulse purchase books.

We will be working with environmental groups to launch The Little Earth Book on Earth Day 2004 (April 22nd) with a wave of publicity and advertising.