Risk Assessment in Environmental Management: A Guide for Managing Chemical Contamination Problems
Risk Assessment in Environmental Management: A Guide for Managing Chemical Contamination Problems
by Asante-Duah, D. Kofi.

Chichester [England] ; New York John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. (UK), 1998.

Environmental management.
Environmental risk assessment.
Environmental monitoring.

Pollution--Environmental aspects.
Environmental health.


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Risk Assessment in Environmental Management D. Kofi Asante-Duah Environmental Consultant, California, USA and Research Assistant Professor, Center for Environmental Engineering, Science and Technology, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, USA Environmental contamination issues are a complex problem with worldwide implications. Risks to both human and ecological health as a result of toxic materials present or introduced into the environment are a matter of grave concern to modern society. The effective management of environmental contamination problems has therefore become an important environmental priority that will remain a growing social challenge for years to come. Risk assessment promises a way for developing appropriate strategies to aid environmental management decisions in this arena. Risk assessment is a tool used to organize structure, and compile scientific information in order to help identify existing hazardous situations or problems, anticipate potential problems, establish priorities, and provide a basis for regulatory controls and/or corrective actions. This book attempts to provide a concise, yet comprehensive overview of the many facets/aspects relating to chemical risk assessments. It presents some very important tools and methodologies that can be used to help resolve environmental contamination problems in a consistent, efficient and cost-effective way. Overall the book represents a collection and synthesis of the principal elements of the risk assessment process that pertain to environmental contamination problems. It offers an understanding of the scientific basis of risk assessment and its applications in the environmental industry - including a portrayal of how the risk assessment process fits into regulatory policies. The subject matter of this book can indeed be used to aid the resolution of a variety of environmental management problems.