Environmental Technology and Economics: Sustainable Development in Industry
Environmental Technology and Economics: Sustainable Development in Industry
by Soares, Claire.

Boston, Mass. Butterworth-Heinemann, 1999.

Sustainable development.
Economic development projects.


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Environmental engineering is a unique discipline of engineering that deals with the specific issues of emissions, waste disposal, water & soils engineering. Engineers in practice are increasingly held liable for increasing constraints placed upon them by environmental laws and standards. What industrial, chemical, plant, and process engineers need to know is how do they meet the requirements of enforcement agencies (such as the EPA) standards and justify the expense to operations and finance departments.This guidebook shows practicing engineers in the industry how to implement systems that will achieve manufacturing, business efficiency and environmental compliance at the same time. Here is a guide to the actual technology at the disposal of plant designers, specifiers, engineers, and managers that will give them the answers to the questions that other sources simply do not address.The text of this book has been kept extremely user-friendly despite the extent of its contents. An engineer who has to interface with non-engineering personnel, including members of the public will find the book will do the talking for him. This is particularly valuable in a rapidly emerging field that is misunderstood. Professors of environmental faculties will find the book useful for capstone courses and for general reading. Broad enough to be suitable for anyone with interest in the environment. It covers environmental engineering and economics in one book. It takes an optimistic perspective on the future situation of the environment.